Follow the steps below to build this simple webPage.

  1. Download a text editor of your choice. There is a longer list of text editors and another narrowed list of five text editors

  2. Install the text editor by following the instructions. Please ask questions if you run into issues.

  3. Create a folder somewhere in your computer, and name it public_html or something else you wish.

  4. Open the folder you just created and inside it create Three more folders.

  • Images

  • Styles

  • scripts

You can also use the terminal by copying the command below and pasting to terminal window after you change directory to your working directory.

  1. Now start your text editor and open the public_html folder (click on file then open)
  2. Once the folder is in the editor, right click on the folder and create a new file.
  3. Name your new file index.html


  1. Now your public_html should look like this
  • Images

  • Styles

  • scripts

  • index.html

open index.html by double clicking on it

Copy and paste the below html into index.html file

Return to the public_html folder and open the index.html file by doble clicking it. This should open up a web brouser.

The rest of the tutorials are still being made.. any questions, please feel free to connect with us and let us know what your interests are :